Welcome to the Ultimate TGU Turkish get up training program!

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The Ultimate TGU, is the Turkish Get Up program developed by creator of Kettle-JItsu, BJJ champ and former MMA Champ Joey Alvarado! This program was developed by teaching it regularly to fighters and his students at his former gym SoCal mma and currently at the legendary Legacy BJJ Burbank gym. Professor Joey Breaks down the Turkish Get Up with both body weight and with kettlebell so that you may master each movement befor attempting the TGU in its entirety! This program will help you burn fat, build muscle using Joey’s patented B.I.T (body weight interval training) and K.I.T. (kettlebell interval training)! You will build functional strength, increase coordination and enhance your conditioning ! Perfect for people who teach bootcamps on a regular basis. Each workout is approximately 1 hour long. So it is easy to incorporate into a on hour class format!

This program consists of:

-body weight mobility warm up

-body weight interval training

-TGU body weight flow

-Kettlebell interval training

-4 levels of the Turkish get up. including beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert level variations

-featuring the “Brazilian Get Up”


-full color training manual

-workout calendars

Check out the commercial for the Ultimate TGU program below!